Make a career in ESD:

From ESD-specialist

up to ESD-auditor!

Annual overview

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Alle Seminare basieren auf dem Standard IEC 61340-5-1.
  • Bei den ESD-Seminaren (1-4) erhalten Sie nach bestandender Prüfung ein Zertifikat, welches auch digital in unserem Kundencenter für Sie bereit gehalten wird.
  • Mit dem Auffrischungsseminar (5) können Sie die Gültigkeit Ihres Zertifikats verlängern.
  • Für die themenbezogenen ESD-Fachseminare (6-8) erhalten Sie eine Teilnahmebescheinigung, hier ist keine Prüfung erforderlich.
  • Für die mehrstündige Basisschulung Inhouse (0a) besuchen wir Sie in Ihrem Unternehmen und bieten Gruppenschulungen an, deren Termin, Inhalt und Dauer mit Ihnen besprochen wird. 
  • Die Online-Basisschulung (0b und 0c) bieten wir via Teams wahlweise in deutsch oder englisch an. 
  • Das ESD-Symposium (10) findet einmal jährlich im Juli statt. 
Included for you:
  • digital certificate management in our customer center
  • Reminder service when the certificate expires (after 3 years)
  • personal information service
  • detailed training documents (seminars 1-8)
The right awareness

A basic requirement for effective ESD-protection is to raise the awareness of your employees regarding the subject ESD, that the necessity of certain protective measures will be understood, properly implemented and monitored.

With our lively and hands-on ESD-seminars, which meet the requirements of IEC 61340-5-1, you will learn everything about the ESD-safe handling of electronic components and why the protection of electronic components against ESD is so important for the sustained quality of your products.

ESD career

You can choose the respective training for your further education and attend various specific seminars and workshops. 

The seminars begin with

  • ESD-Fundamentals/ESD-Specialist,
  • which is followed by ESD-Coordinator
  • and can be further extended with ESD-Auditor seminar

(according to IEC 61340-5-1). 

In addition, we offer further topic-related seminars / workshops.

Practical seminars

In our seminars, workshops, or the annual symposium for the automotive industry, we provide you with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to minimize ESD failures and to optimize all ESD processes.

The seminars contain a large proportion of practical tests and measurements performed at our ESD-protected-area (EPA).

With our specific ESD-seminar program you are able to significantly increase the quality of your electronics production and thus avoid faulty or pre-damaged products. 

Target groups

From product development to shipping: ESD is relevant in all process areas in electronics manufacturing.

Our basic seminars are mainly addressed to heads of departments, group leaders and employees from all departments of your company. 

The advanced seminars are aimed at, already appointed or future, ESD-Coordinators and ESD-representatives, internal auditors or quality managers.